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Robert E. Hord Emergency Medical Fund

The Robert E. Hord Emergency Medical Fund was created by the Hord family in memory of the late Robert E. Hord, an Honorary Board Member and longtime supporter of Hope for Haiti. The fund bolsters Hope for Haiti's ongoing response to emergency medical situations that put families and their loved ones at unnecessary health risks.

Due to the deficiency of healthcare services and infrastructure in Haiti, even the smallest and simplest medical complication can quickly become an insurmountable cost and even a tragic end. In Mr. Hord's memory, Hope for Haiti fights daily for the health and livelihood of men, women, children, teenagers, and grandparents in need of emergency treatment, medications, and quality medical care.

Through our Infirmary in downtown Les Cayes, Hope for Haiti encounters hundreds of medical cases each month that demand involved treatment and follow up. The Robert E. Hord Fund targets specific cases that achieve the following program objectives:
  1. Treat Acute Emergencies: Emergency conditions that, if left untreated, will lead to death are the Fund's primary concern. Hope for Haiti's spending level is considered on a case-by-case basis. Paying for treatment is only part of the puzzle; locating the doctors and facilities required is as challenging an activity. Investments are made when successful treatment is probable.

  2. Prevent Future Emergencies: Conditions that are not urgent but which have the potential to become so are also included in this program. Not taking blood pressure medication or missing doses of insulin, for example, can quickly put hypertension or diabetic patients in life-threatening conditions. Hope for Haiti knows how important it is to invest in preventive care now rather than waiting for more critical emergencies to develop later.

  3. Restore Livelihoods: Many non-fatal illnesses can still greatly impact people's everyday lives. Conditions that impede patients from engaging in economic activity or prevent them from providing for themselves and their families are considered urgent. A father suffering from cataracts, for example, cannot work to feed his children or pay for his wife's healthcare needs. These situations are supported on a case-by-case basis with the knowledge that healthcare in Haiti matters as much in the vulnerabilities of daily life as it does in a clinical setting.

How can you help save a life?
  • Monetary Donations: For over 20 years, Hope for Haiti has witnessed the terrible tragedies of families losing loved ones due to not having the necessary resources to receive proper medical assistance. Far too often, the medical procedure needed to save a life can be less than US$500, but for a Haitian family that amount is impossible to provide. All donations to the R.E.H. Emergency Medical Fund go directly to helping families get through these critical times.
  • Medical Partnerships: Hope for Haiti is always looking for healthcare partners who can help in assisting emergency medical cases. Working with limited resources and healthcare access in Haiti, Hope for Haiti is often restricted on what we are capable of providing for complicated or urgent medical cases. Please contact our office if you can help to provide increased quality of medical services to those in the greatest need. By working together we can save more lives.


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