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“This is My Haiti” -  A Mother’s Dedication to Her Child’s School

Darlande Telusma is a mother of two children. Her elder child, Cherely, is a seven-year-old first grader at a rural primary school supported by Hope for Haiti. Her younger child is only two years old and will begin kindergarten next year. Darlande often volunteers in the kindergarten program as a support aide, since she lives close by and lacks stable work in the formal sector. “I sell drinks and chewing gum near the school, but what I hope for my children is that they have steady work and have a way to support themselves."

Darlande gave birth in the local public healthcare facility about 30 minutes away by car.  However, healthcare is the biggest need for her community. “If a child has a fever, you run with him to town. But during that time, the fever can get worse… he can even die.” Hope for Haiti’s Public Health Program trains and equips two local Community Health Workers, who provide education and basic first aid in the school. Still, if there is an emergency or an accident, a patient must travel over one hour by car to the nearest hospital.

Darlande is proud of Cherely. “He’s smart. I hope he always studies and likes learning. It will help him in the future."
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